Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lost Sunken City in San Pedro - Los Angeles

The Sunken City of San Pedro is a collection of broken roads, sewage pipes, and foundations of old houses falling into the sea.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Yellow Mountains (黄山, Huángshān)

Sophia was adamant. We had to leave four hours early. A cautious impulse which would inevitably save our entire trip. No had bothered to double check our departure train. The four of us loaded onto the shanghai metro car bound for the wrong railway station.

Shanghai has four train stations to match the four cardinal points: hongchao railway station(East), shanghai south railway station, shanghai west station, and shanghai station(north). We were heading towards  hongchao railway station. Coincidentally the farthest railway station from the city center, sitting on the eastern border of Shanghai city and it’s unincorporated territories.

Once we arrived we were greeted by throngs of travelers surging through the station. We waded through the crowds to the top of the ticket line where we discovered our train to the Yellow Mountains was departing from Shanghai Railway Station. Oh, and my ticket was rendered invalid due to an incorrect passport number. The cashier couldn’t reset my ticket. We had to find another ticket counter at the other end of the massive station.

We found ourselves again in another line only to find even the correct ticket window could not sell any more tickets for todays train. Our train was to depart in an hour, the cutoff deadline for ticket sales. We were losing valuable time.

There was a full 30-45 minute train ride a head of us and two transfers back in the direction in which we came. Sprinting through the station we caught our first transfer on the deep purple loop line that runs the outer circle of shanghai. Our second transfer to the red line heading north.

We were out of the metro and making the final sprint to the main entrance.  Bypassing the ticket line, we steered for the train’s departure gate running down the escalator onto the planform. Our train was gearing up to leave. The conductors greeted us with nonplus expressions and guided Juliana and I to the back of the train to purchase a new ticket.

My old 2nd class ticket had been sold to someone else separating myself from the group. I was assigned a bed a few cars away from the girls, but I didn’t care. We made it.

The Yellow Mountains look more like 没山 (Méishān) "no mountains"