Thursday, May 31, 2007

Getty Internship # 4 - End of the first week

Hooray! I finished my very first week. I admit the 9am-5pm schedule will take some time getting to used to. The day to day world load varies from day to day. Sometimes I struggle to find enough work while other days are a world wind of work until 12am.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Getty Internship # 3 - Summer at Calarts

Overall, just about everyone has left for the summer. I see a few random people from the other departments. The campus has been abandoned by everyone except the staff. The halls are empty and the main galleries are dark. Surprisingly enough I've run into quite a few animators in the animation studios.

Getty Internship # 2 - Studio Living

I've adapted to a rhythm: wake up at 7:45am, lay in bed for 15 minutes, and out the door by 8:20am. I live a five minute walk away from where I work. By the time I arrive I'm usually dressed, with a breakfast item in hand.

Taking the labels seriously, I had a mug of English Breakfast for breakfast. It's too hot to eat real food where I live. My studio space looks wonderful. It's a cubicle sized space with enough room for a bed, desk, mini-fridge, and dresser. It's the smallest living space I'll ever experience but it's easily living.

Getty Internship # 1 - Getty Internship

I was awarded the Multi-cultural internship with the Getty Museum and placed at the Community Arts Parternship (CAP) at Calarts. My first day starts today. I work a full day Monday through Thursday, 8:30am-5:30pm. 

The office is on campus. I've moved into my studio which is about 200 feet from where I work. It has just started to get hot in Valencia. Valencia is a desert; the summers reach over 100F. 

In my free time I'll be drawing, relaxing, reading, and keeping cool.

Monday, May 28, 2007

CALARTS - Summer days

The school year at Calarts ends in early May, concluding the mad rush that has been my sophmore year. School has been over for a week. The move to La Canada has finalized my transition into summer malais. 
  La Canada is sorrowfully dull. Valencia, the city that sprung up around Calarts, was just as lack-luster, but the lack of routine has slowed down my summer to a crawl. The ten years of history makes the experience all tha tmore surreal.