Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sketch Blog # 21 - Movie Night

I've been filling my spare time between work with movies from the local blockbuster. They're in the process of going out of business. I've been able to purchase films for little money, around five to ten dollars. From last week's purchase, I saw Idiocracy and Shadow of a Vampire.

Sketch Blog # 20 - Underwater

I've been painting after work. I plant myself in front of my computer and paint. I'm usually watching a movie or listening to an audiobook at the same time. The perfect backdrop to my working environment.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sketch Blog # 19 - Sun Burn

The Getty Museum hosted it's 2007 Internship Orientation in the sun. It gave me a full-body sun burn. It went right through my clothes.  

Note to self: Avoid the LA summer and go somewhere less hazardous.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sketch Blog # 18 - Tinkering

Holga Modification: Increased F-stop variation between the sunny and cloudy setting. I increased the diameter of the base "Cloudy setting" by removing the pretective ring. The "Sunny setting" is attached to a lever that overshadows the base opening. I decreased the size of the sunny hole to let in less light when the lever is activated.

Sketch Blog # 17 - Getty Internship

I'm reading a new book. There's a good chuckle every few pages.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Sketch Blog # 16 - Getty Internship

It's hot. Valencia is cit located in one of the desert regions of Southern California. Durring the summer months of May to Septemeber, the tempurature remains in the 90's. It's difficult to be outside when attempting the most minimal of activities. Standing still or laying in the grass, positions involving the least amount of body movement, becomes as imbarrable within minutes.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Getty Internship # 14 - Summer Arts Festival

Where are my pants?
CAP employees participated in a summer music festival in Pasadena. Even out of the Valencia desert, it's quiet hot all over Los Angeles. It was closer to the evening and we could relax, but the warm temperate of the day can still be read off our glistening faces.

Getty Internship # 13 - DVD Designs

I've been working on DVD layout designs from CAP's different school sites -the design portion of the internship. Each cover represents one school with student work from the spring semester. The compilation of school DVDs will be passed out at the culminating CAP event at REDCAT.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Getty Internship # 12 - Summer Vacation

My first vacation was an last minute decision to join a road trip to up to San Francisco. We could only stay for a few days -short and sweet. I brought a few toy cameras to document the trip. Amoung them was my newly modified Holga. I took a lot of great pictures. One in particular, is a shot of the San Francisco skyline. 
We drove up twin peaks drive to stand atop of one of the local mountains. Darrell, Sister Darrell, and I made such a ruckus. We were having too much fun, pretending to be taller than the city buildings. The contents of a tourist bus spilled out next to us. We amused and annoyed them with our childish antics. 

I couldn't wait to develop the images. Using a medium format camera to shoot 35mm is always an experiment. I did loose a few to light leaks, but all in all my holga produced some amazing negatives. 

The plastic toy camera is a manual load and manual film progression. Each image requires a rough estimate of 'clicks' to progress the film to the next slide. As the take up spool enlarges thought the progression of shots, the amount of clicks need increases. It's nearly impossible to predict how many cranks are needed to progress the filmm evenly. For this reason, I always need to print the roles professionally. Basic consumer locations use machinese that require an absolute even spacing of sprockets.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Getty Internship # 10 - REDCAT

One of the great things about work for the CAP office at calarts is that we get to spend the day in Los Angeles with other non-profit organizations. Today, I spent the entire day at REDCAT in downtown Los Angeles. 

There was a meeting of different Los Angeles based art non-profits. Sony was in attendence with their Sony Media Arts Partnership as well as a large group of educators. 

The CAP crew set up for the beginning for the presentation. While the event was taking place in the auditorium, I stayed in the main area to draw a few of the patrons.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Getty Internship # 8 - German Expressionism

I'm working on a new website layout inspired by Dr. Caligari. Links will read: Draw, Motion, Paint, and Snap

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Getty Internship # 6 - Hive Gallery

Daron, a fellow Calarts animator, brought me to the Hive gallery for one of their summer openings. I took advantage of the mulling crowd to get a few quick sketches.