Monday, July 30, 2007

Sketch Blog #27 - Root Beer Floats

I slept over at Nick's yesterday. His apartment goes by another name, House of Toys. It's contents are what one might find in an adult toy box. Among his action figures and video games, we had a fancy Indian food in front of the television: Curries, nann, and rum floats. The addition of soda and alcohol added to only the best features of American culture in this cross cultural fusion of globalized foods. 

We stayed up watching Tank Girl until late in the evening. In the morning, I walked to work donning the blackest of black sunglasses -half hung over from the all the food and fun.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Sketch Blog # 24 - CAPSA

Through my particpation in the Getty Multicultural Intership, I've had time to reflect on the program. I applied with an interest in the inner workings of the Non-profit Art world. Upon entering the Getty program, I discoved a highly structured education program with a focus on curatorial practices and arts related scholarship.

However working within a Non-proft arts orgination has been quiet different from what I expected. Although the Getty Foundation and it's intership program is both highly organized and well funded, smaller organizations tend to have anaolgous qualities. I found them to be an unfortunate combination of being both understaffed and disorganized. Smaller paricipating organizations, I can't help but feel as if they're enjoying the free labor force. Although the Getty boasts an interactive role in the inner workings of L.A. arts organization, there are no rules against sitting their interns behind a secretary's desk.

CAP falls under the smaller category of Non-profit world, but my experiences with them have been postitive. They've granted me a large amount of trust and have assigned me a great deal of non-secretarial responsibilities. My greatest challenge so far this summer is to find enough quality food donations to sustain the two week summer arts program they sponsor every year.
I was given this responsibility very early in my appointment to CAP. I have to admit, the task was daunting. Finding enough food and water for the amount of people attending for the two week program seemed completely impossible. The process started with my superior walking me through the first phone call. This would be the first of many to come.

The numbers came from a list of friendly organizations who had donated to the program in the past. These groups supplied us with free snacks and bottled water. Recent budget cuts had shorted there donation alotment. Locally, quite a few of them had to withdraw from this years donations due to tightned budgets. 

Larger cooperation have a stricter culture. Tax laws place a cap on the amount of donations from larger companies. To comply, they resolve a fix number of available donations in the early part of the year. As a result, non-profit companies need to schedule appointments well in advance for the next fiscal year. Unless I found a time machine, larger corperations were out.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Sketch Blog # 23 - Responsibilities

Today was another mini work day. I came in from 2:00-5:00. I had a minor issue with opening the office. I walked outside to find a better reception point. The door shut behind me, locking the office keys inside. I had another work-study student scheduled to arrive soon. I had to run down to security to check out an extra key. Of course, the security guards can be difficult to deal with. They inappropriate things to me, treat me like child. They seem to enjoy playing the big adult. A simple task like asking for the spare key can be an abrasive experience. 

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sketch Blog # 22 - Double Feature

An update to my slowly growing film list, I finished the Fountain and Volver. What a strange pair to watch films back to back.