Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sketch Blog # 30 - Getty Internship Program - End

Today was the final day of the Getty Internship. The program culminated at the Getty center were interns from all over came to the Getty Museum to end our internship. At the museum, I bought a Pin-Hole Camera from the gift shop.  Now that the internship is over, I want to review on some of my experiences as an intern with the Community Arts Parternship and the Getty Museum. 
"Embrace frustration. "
Having a successful internship starts with introducing yourself to everyone in the office and try to meet everyone you can. I found this to be helpful not only in the office but also with the Getty Museum Events. Leaving the internship, I have to say that the best thing I'll be taking away from the experience would be attention to detail.  Working at the CAP office was not like a working in a classical organization, the best experience I received from the program has to be the stress management ability I earned from the four month program. 

There are essential points that are important for the professional world: 
1. Listen
2. Observer
3. Pragmatic thinker
4. Patient

Although my contract with the Getty's Internship has run out, CAP has decided to hire me on for another semester. I'll continue working a similar position as a non-work study office hand.

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