Saturday, September 29, 2007

CALARTS: Mid-Residence Review

MID-RESIDENCE REVIEW: How does my exploration of the many forms of animation as an art form contribute to my animated films? How does my films illustrate my learned knowledge from character animation? Do my films and assignments feel complete?

--Storyboards: 4-5 assignments
~ "concentric circle" revised storyboards
~"alphabet" revised storyboards

~ “the immaculate film” revised storyboards

--Color and Design: 4-5 assignments
~ flip book
~ finger print assignment
~ collages
~ “Dead city”

--Perspective: 4-5 assignments
~ simple 3 figures: foreground, background, middle ground

--Layout: 4-5 assignments
~ cubical
~ a pig and an iguana having tea
~ vertical pan/horizontal pan

--Character Design: 4-5 assignments
~ a bear in a box (x2)
~ different people poses
~ cyclists
~ band members
~ Cricket Monster Girl

--Illustration: 4-5 assignments
~ fables
~ Creative Paintings

--Animation (Basic): 2 assignments
~ Character sheet – silhouettes
~ Animation: bouncing ball
~ Animation: roller coaster

~ Animation: can jump
~ Animation: walk cycle
--Animation (Intermediate): 2 assignments
~ Dialogue Test: "Conceivable"
~ Dialogue test: "I triple dog dare you"

--Direct Animation
~ "E" film strips
~ "the silent science" film strips
~"Concentric Circles"
--Figure Drawing/Figure Paintings: 100 drawings
--Photography: 4-5 assignments
--Collage: 4-5 assignments

~ the immaculate heart
--Flip books:
~flip book 1
~flip book 2

Thursday, September 27, 2007

CALARTS - Optical Printer Brain Storming

In terms of goals for the end of term, I would like to explore new complexities the printer can offer my direct animation: optically manipulated footage, optically printed effects, and new direction.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

CALARTS - Undergraduate Jobs

I started my first day of work today. I have a full schedule of non work study jobs: 9-12pm CAP, Lunch, Class, and 4-6pm Lap Tech in the Art Department's Print Lab.

I'm happy CALARTS is as small as it is. I feel as if i'm part of a large family.  I love working here versus working outside calarts. I'm surprised how warm the people are to complete strangers.

Monday, September 10, 2007

CALARTS - Small Town World

The fall semester is well underway. It's refreshing to see that everyone is back, secure in the semester's acticities.
I ventured down to Hollywood to shop for german expressionist films. I bought GOLEMN for 3.99$ at Ameba Records. It was a bit strange being out and about in a town saturated with people. The store was so full I started to get sea sick.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

CALARTS - Junior Year, Fall Semester Start

I'm toying with the idea of graduating a year early. As early as May, maybe. If I received a year level adjustment, I would be graduating in 2008, making up a year lost which I spent in Santa Barbara. Opening up the doors for an MFA in the experimental animation program, and finish that degree in 2010. That's two degrees in 5 years.

On the other hand, leaving a year early will be a year less of the opportunities the school offers: such as facilities, teachers, and equipment.

Friday, September 7, 2007

CALARTS - Junior Year, Fall Orientation

The first few days of class registration flew by before I could really take advantage of their worth. When the my registration day finally came, all my preparation and over preparation seemed to fly right out of the window. In retrospect, I'm amazed I came out of that mess O-K. I feel into all the right places and managed to unintentionally speak to all the right people.