Saturday, September 29, 2007

CALARTS: Mid-Residence Review

MID-RESIDENCE REVIEW: How does my exploration of the many forms of animation as an art form contribute to my animated films? How does my films illustrate my learned knowledge from character animation? Do my films and assignments feel complete?

--Storyboards: 4-5 assignments
~ "concentric circle" revised storyboards
~"alphabet" revised storyboards

~ “the immaculate film” revised storyboards

--Color and Design: 4-5 assignments
~ flip book
~ finger print assignment
~ collages
~ “Dead city”

--Perspective: 4-5 assignments
~ simple 3 figures: foreground, background, middle ground

--Layout: 4-5 assignments
~ cubical
~ a pig and an iguana having tea
~ vertical pan/horizontal pan

--Character Design: 4-5 assignments
~ a bear in a box (x2)
~ different people poses
~ cyclists
~ band members
~ Cricket Monster Girl

--Illustration: 4-5 assignments
~ fables
~ Creative Paintings

--Animation (Basic): 2 assignments
~ Character sheet – silhouettes
~ Animation: bouncing ball
~ Animation: roller coaster

~ Animation: can jump
~ Animation: walk cycle
--Animation (Intermediate): 2 assignments
~ Dialogue Test: "Conceivable"
~ Dialogue test: "I triple dog dare you"

--Direct Animation
~ "E" film strips
~ "the silent science" film strips
~"Concentric Circles"
--Figure Drawing/Figure Paintings: 100 drawings
--Photography: 4-5 assignments
--Collage: 4-5 assignments

~ the immaculate heart
--Flip books:
~flip book 1
~flip book 2

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