Monday, November 12, 2007

CALARTS - Proposals and Productions

“a Portrait of Beauty”(temp title): This film project is essentially an experiment in collage using film as its medium. Creating an impractical depiction, through the mixing and layering of filmed movements, landscapes, spaces, and forms, to produce an emotional connection to an otherwise impossible beauty. Explorations of traditional matting and digital methods of keying and overlaying to produce a more spontaneous loose narrative through the onscreen mixture of moving collage.

“Pretty”: The film follows our main character, a young aspiring woman, as she is thrust into a horrific world where women are completely objectified by their reproductive roles. The patriarchy the film identifies in something very real and quite alive in our society today. Growing up as a woman, I’ve slowly become aware of identities of "man" and "woman" that have been socially constructed to produce very separate and opposite gender based tendencies and behavior.

“Concentric Circle”: In terms of goals and what work will be completed by the end of term, I would like to really try exploring what new complexities the printer can offer my direct animation. I would like to play with what can be produced in terms of new printer manipulated footage and investigate how printer effects can be used to advance the story. I feel the printer will give me a new direction in which to approach my film concept, and successfully produce a personal expressive film.

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