Wednesday, November 28, 2007

CALARTS - Project Grant: "Concentric Circles"

Project Description:
“Concentric Circle”: A girl struggles to find her artistic voice. A scratch-on-film exploring moving textures, lines, and shapes. Yielding vibrant displays of green and yellow luminosity. The soft emulsion provides a scraping ground to illustrate visual poetry. A tool for expression -its limitations can articulate a mastery of beauty and intensity. Animating directly onto the film is a camera-less film technique. This subtractive animation technique involves scratching away the processed emulation off of the celluloid, revealing various layers of color, native to the film after color processing.
In terms of goals and what work will be completed by the end of term, I would like to emphasize exploring what new complexities the optical printer can offer towards intensifying the quality of direct animation. I would like to play with what can be produced in terms of new printer manipulated footage and investigate how printer effects can be used to advance story structure. I feel the optical printer will give me a new direction in which to approach my film concept and successfully produce a personal expressive film.

Budget Breakdown:

1)Develop and Print – by Fotokem:
Wedge Tests, Developing, and Answer Print for 35mm
Min: 250ft - $58.00ea x 9 cycles Total: $522.00
2)Sound Print – by Fotokem:
Printing optical sound onto Print
Min 250ft - $250.00ea x 1 cycle Total: $250.00
3) Splicing tape 35mm – Christy’s
50ft - $54.00ea x 1 Total: $54.00
4) Scribe – Christy’s
$15.00ea Total: $15.00

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