Tuesday, November 13, 2007

CALARTS - Junior Project

(1.A) A woman finishes her shower. She gets out, dries herself, and walks into the next room.

(1.B) She takes a seat on a friendly chair sitting in front of an overwhelmingly large mirror. Many beauty products and tools sit all over the counter. The woman uses the mirror to put on her various makeup and combs her hair.

(1.C) The mirror: It’s reflection remains gray and somber and there is no woman reflected in the mirror. This goes unnoticed by the character. When she gets up to leave face appears in the mirror: a round face with crude features. As she gets up to leave it slowly pushes out of the mirror.

(2.A) The wind from the blow dryer will seamlessly transition into the next scene where the main female character is traveling briskly down residential streets while reading a book very close to her face.

(2.B) At this time, a strong gust a of wind will blow by here causing her skirt to lift slightly.

(2.C) One of our muscle man, ‘tom of Finland’ inspired male character will pops his head out of the door, looks around briefly, then continues down the street following our female character.

(2.D) As she passes the beautiful small city atmosphere, strangely out of place brut male characters start to be seen in the crowd, sitting or standing quietly as if interrupted by her presence, their eyes following her as she passes.

(2.E) She sits at a coffee shop reading. A bird sitting in the tree above her will drop a cute little white birdie dropping onto her hair. All the men will become completely uninterested, and depart. The bird also flies away.

(2.F) She looks up, annoyed, wipes the bird poop off of her hair and continues to read. The poop residue will dig into and inseminate her hair with its sperm qualities.

(2.G) The hair becomes a womb, undergoing cell division; mitosis etc .She finishes her coffee and gets up to leave. She walks back towards the same way she came. Her hair slowly getting larger, with a fetus becoming present in the womb-hair.

(2.H) She stands at a street light, waiting to cross, when her hair springsa leak spilling over her book. She looks up.

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