Monday, February 11, 2008

CALARST - Animation Installation brainstorming

Inappropriate Projection Screens:
Projection vs. everyday. Projection on picture frames, canvases, suitcases, monitors, actor's body, kitchen appliances.

Sketchbook Themed Installation Projection:
Interplay between animation and installation art. Real space vs. created space. Animation in a sketchbook. Sketchbook art carries a similar theme or mentality. Sketchbooks act as creative diary or a palette for unfinished ideas. Underline unfinished ideas. This prospect would involve an animated presentation of the creative thought processes of an artist. Playful, creative, illogical, childlike.

Projection Footage Ideas
Normal vs. abnormal:
Prerecord actors interacting in the installation space. Prerecord actors setting up space and then project in reverse. The non-actors will experience the deconstruction of a art space while still in the art space. Simulating the prerecorded actors into the space should be seamless.

Recorded Actors projected into colored space. The prerecorded actors are projected in colors matching the light space. Further blending the real and the illusion.

Animation Composition: structure for animation should rely on a cinematic structure or foreground, middle ground, and background. Size of composited elements should adjust accordingly. Acting along a formal structure will create a seamless sensation.

Impsibible space Composition:
Use real footage in spaces that create a deeper perspective than what is possible outside of an installation. Example: A tunneling man observed when looking into a basement window.

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