Monday, February 18, 2008

Iceland Diaries - #0 Artist Residency Reykjavik with SIM

There are a few residencies in Reykjavik for internation visual artists. There´s one is downtown, another on the west side, and the last one is in the middle of nowhere. Taking up a residency in Reykjavik might be a great platform implementing my public installation ideas.

The first one is on hafnarstaeti, right next to the farmer´s market in downtown. This one offers space for two residency rooms and one shared working space.

Pros: it's downtown, public traffic, private bedroom, full kitchen, internet, washer and dryer.

Cons: shared working space, no view, only two artists, utilities?

The second one is on Seljavegur, close to the ocean. It's in the huge 4 story building with 40 other artists' studios.

Pros: private room, large room, 10 minute walk from downtown, ocean view, living room, dining room, kitchen, larger studios, utilities included, 5 artists at a time. 

Cons: not much public traffic, out of the way.

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