Saturday, July 5, 2008

Iceland Diaries # 21 - Icelandic Economy

The ISK to USD exchanged rate has fluctuating quite a bit, in the last six months. While the dollar steadily falls, the ISK has become unstable. The krona rides frequent upward and downward trends. The dollar peaked at 84 ISK per USD on the 24th of June. Wonderful news for me -more Draumur bars.

Except, the krona has picked itself up. Today, the ISK to USD is at 77. As dictated by the Exchange Rates column:Graphing change over time, the USD has begun its steady climb down the ISK mountain.
The mountain provided by Kaupthing bank.

Organ Market: I spent a great deal of Friday and Saturday selling away my clothes. Friday was slow, mostly attracting young scenesters and the occasional tourist. No one was selling men's clothing. 

Saturday picked up with a larger crowd coming from the street. Maya, one of the other sellers, had placed bright colored signs at each end of the street. These signs greatly improved the market traffic. She's market experienced. She spent quite a lot of time selling at kolaportith and the Surkus Market

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