Sunday, July 27, 2008

Iceland Diries #36 - Preparation of Art Show

I will be taking part in an art show this Tuesday. three days away. Included in the show will be a collection of acrylic paintings, photographs, and magic. These are a few of the acrylic pieces I've framed and priced.

I'm included a collection of photographs, as well. 

Editing mode. 
Before tuesday, it is important that I organize the rest of my artwork into presentable status. I must add more photographs to fill out each series. In a perfect world there would be five to ten images for each set. With three sets so far, that equals 15 to 30 photographs. I´ll take Sunday to finish all my photography.

I need to buy frames for the rest of my acrylic paintings, perhaps purchasing a few more for my prints.

Animation needs to be finished by Monday. Projected and documented for show. This can be skipped, but I would really like this finished.

I´m also doing a small limited animation presentation of my class. I´ll finish it Sunday and present it as part of the show Tuesday.

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