Sunday, August 31, 2008

Iceland Diries # 45 - Hliðarendi

The class took a field trip off to Hliðarendi, a farm off the southern cost of Iceland. This stop was  designed to visit areas from the famous Icelandic Sagas. These are stories found in the medieval texts that have survived a thousand years. One of the reason's why they are so famous is due close similar to modern Icelandic. Iceland is the only country who can read their medieval texts - their language has evolved so little in the mid-Atlantic ocean.  This trip in particular was themed after, Njala Saga, which is arguably one of the best of the many author-less stories. 

Hliðarendi Originally uploaded by matt_w890i

Matty Posing for a photo!
Photo of me in front of a church!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Iceland Diaries # 44 - Einar Jonsson Museum

The guy does pretty good shit.

Ugh, I'm up late working on an article piece I need to finish for tomorrow morning. I just need one paragraph but I seem to want to do anything but write. At least, what I'm suppose to be writing. I'm thinking of taking a shower and maybe even making some coffee. Then when I'm clean and caffeinated I might be more likely to feel the inspiration I need to complete this task.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Iceland Diries # 44 - Marc Jacobs Photo Shoot

Yeah, this is a print from my shoot for Marc Jacobs. I just love how Juergen Teller captures the intensity of my soul. Brilliant.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Iceland Diaries # 42 - Reykjavik Culture Night

I woke up at 8am and stretched for my 3k run.

The smell of victory.

I started the day running the Friendly 3k marathon. I was clumped in the middle of the crowd when the race started. The start felt like a slow moving stampede of children, dogs on leashes, and baby strollers. Until finally, at the end of the first block people separated into a running group. The course went around a section of the west side and finished in front o the Glitnir bank. I jogged the whole way through finishing at 15:30.

I was a little sore in my left foot. Not that the race was to blame, but rather day to day stress from walking cobble stone streets.

The night continued with a costumed possession to Reykjavik harbor.