Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Independent Project - Shape Rayographs

In the darkroom, small shapes were place onto black and white 16mm film. High contrast film was used to capture the sharp edge texture of the objects. Objects were placed on the emulation side of the film. A light is used to expose the film. I chose an enlarger for it's timer and notched height increments; I could more easily control the exposure.

Afterwards, I developed the film in D19 and fixed it for 15 minutes. The process of digitizing the film was similar to using an optical printer. The school has an old printer hooked up to a digital camera. The following photographs show a 16mm strip rephotographed through a 35mm gate.
 I'm about to graduate from Calarts a semester early. There are a collection of projects I've taken up to finish the semester.
One in particular is related to perception, shapes, and social discourse. I'm working directly with one of my critical studies teachers at calarts.
I worked with the short novella FLAT LAND as the base of my project. The story revolves around a 2D shape and his adventure into the first and third dimensions. Using this concept, my project attempted to convey the idea precession in alien environments.

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