Friday, December 12, 2008

The Calarts Experience - Early Graduation

The winter term has ended and I'm pleased to announce my application for an early graduation was accepted. I am now a college graduate.

My calarts experience started in 2005. I transfered to the film school after studying asian art history in Santa Barbara. Although I had already completed a year of college when I was accepted to Calarts, I was forced to enroll at the freshmen level. 

Although the school accepts transfer students, the character animation department does not. This is due to the cumulative nature of the curriculum; student must complete the full four year program. A loophole was in that the degree can be abbreviated through an accelerated graduation. Students start their first year at the freshmen level but then submit a  formal application to skip their fourth year. This process starts with a proposal and proceeds with a series of interviews.

The Proposal
I submitted a free form essay where I explain why an accelerated graduation should be granted. Describing my artistic development at calarts, I proceeded to illustrate my artistic and career goals and how they'll be achieved through an early graduation. My conclusion focused on the end of my formal education as the start of a formal career as an artist.

The Interview:
In essence, the interview was a pitch and I had to pitch myself. Taking the chaotic array of the subtitle nuances of my artistic experiences, I had to communicate these concepts in a structured presentation documenting my own aesthetics, experimentations, failures, and goals.
In my case, my application resulted in an early graduation. I'm leaving Calarts to start an adventure.

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