Saturday, March 7, 2009

Neverland Netherlands # 4 - Shopping in the Netherlands

The supermarkets and department stores are completely different than the ones in Los Angeles. There's this store in Enschede called HEIMA. It's selection of products are a mixture of Target and IKEA. In the make-up section of the store, I spied a display of cheap contact lenses with a variety of persciption strengths.
I wear prescription glasses and never bothered with the hassle of ordering contacts lenses. Although, I've alway wanted to try a pair, but the process of scheduling a doctors appointment and finding fitted contacts have always diswayded me. Standing in front of the display, I couldn't help buy several pairs. I found an assortment of colored lenses: "green" "blue", "hazel", and "gray". Although gray was the only color mute enough to pass as possiblity real.
It took me at least 40 minutes to get one in. Getting a tiny sheet of plastic onto one's eye ball feels like a strange dance. I wrestled with the soft lens; it attached to everything else but where I commanded it. 

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Anonymous said...

maybe they are more weird because of the color... normal contacts just kinda.. stick in there. you are the new marilyn manson. good look for you..ehhe