Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Niceland # 1 - Reykjavik

Welcome to Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland. Reykjavik is the most populated city in Iceland, totaling around 200,000 people.  The county area includes an urban area and low-density suburbs that separate both houses and neighborhoods by large stretches of land. Reykjavik  is also the most northern capital in the world. The area coastline is characterized by peninsulas, coves, straits, and islands which came about in the Ice Age when the area was covered by a large glacier and sea water. The area's physical characteristics continue to be affected by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Holland to Reykjavik; I have been visiting Iceland for four years, spending up to three months at a time. Iceland is a place I have wanted to live for some time. I have wonderful friends there and I am looking forward to finally being their neighbor. The move means I'll be leaving my life in Holland and moving to Reykjavik for who know how long. I look forward to the random fun and adventures I'll have with my Icelandic friends. I have an apartment, roommates, kitties, and a vast collection of Icelandic wool clothing. 
From my experience in Iceland there are a few questions I've come up with that truly separate Iceland from other European countries:
“Why is the country almost devoid of trees?”
“Why are there only a handful of insects in Iceland?”
“How did the pre 20th century people survive on an island country without fruit or vegetables?”
Kisses on the look out.
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Daron said...

oh cool! heart of glass

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Very interesting. I like it