Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Niceland # 3 - Perlan (The Pearl)

Source: Roger Meggs
Perlan(the pearl) is a striking building located on top of the hill between Reykjavik and Kopavor. It serves as a cafe, restaurant, and museum with outdoor sculptures at the entrance of the property. 

The original building was used to store hot water for the city, designed by Ingimundur Sveinsson. The pearl-like hemispherical structure was added much later in the 1990s, by the city's then major Davíð Oddsson. (As a side note, Oddsson is a business man -owner of the largest private newspaper in Iceland and politician. He has appeared in both Icelandic and International news regarding Icelandic crash of 2008.)

Perlan has some amazing architectural details unlike any other. From the outside, one can look into the basement passage ways through these large plastic orb-like capsules that pop out of the ground. 

For those who want to visit Perlan, entrance to the building is free. There is an amazing view of the ocean at sunset. The cafe at the top is cafeteria style food where I grabbed a mediocre chocolate muffin. The area is also a restaurant where one can order a real meal.
Source: Mckaysavage

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