Friday, October 23, 2009

Niceland # 5 - Icelandic Production, Work In Progress

Coffee Bean Comets
Spilled Coffee Cup

Pieces used in my current project with the Klaustid Artist Residency in Egilsstadir, Iceland.

Coffee beans, striped shirts, and heavy shadows. To describne my time in Iceland, I've started a new animated project. The winter in Iceland has been a wash of light blue, gray, and shadow. A perfect color scheme to infer in an black and white animation. I'm looking to create loud emotional spaces that use sharp, barren icelandic landscapes to tell a story.

Geometric Pan
This is a sample of some of the work I've been creating while participating in the Klaustid Artist Residency in Egilsstadir. These shots are from an animated project in flash that uses the Icelandic landscape that go in and out of abstraction.

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Daron said...

ooooh, really nice animation!