Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Niceland # 13 - Icelandic Cats

Iceland has a flourishing cat population in the capital city of Reykjavik. Walking down the street will yield cats in windows, under cars, and skulking through the gardens, or greeting human friends. A genetic survey of cats  from  Reykjavik and adjacent rural areas have shown a distinct difference between cats previously studied in north-west Europe.
Let me introduce Kattaselur(Cat-Seal). He's a all-black, yellow-eyed cat with a polite disposition. He's an older gentlemen cat, with an escapist's mentality when confronted by unfavorable discourse. 
We obtained this little fellow from Kattholt, the biggest cat shelter in the Reykjavik area. The staff kept him in the backroom with the less desirable cats,  aggressive or the very old, because of his ears. They had been damaged from a fire or an abusive person with a lighter, they told us. In actuality, his ears seem to have suffered from severe and constant swelling, draining into the curled and deformed clumps that create his seal-like appearance. Hence the name Kattaselur.
I made a comic inspired by Icelandic cat culture.

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