Thursday, June 10, 2010

Niceland # 17 - Akureyri

I've been on the move a lot these last few months. I currently reside in northern capital, Akureyri -leaving Egilsstadir a week ago. The town has a small airport, which connects traffic to Grimsy, the northern volcanic island and the central towns of Iceland. I've flown in and out of Akureyri before when working in Myvatn in 2006.
View of the main church from the Pennin, a cafe and bookstore.
I moved into the flat on June 7th to officially start my residency with the Akureiryi Gil-Society. It's a strange building. There's a small kitchen, eating area, bathroom, and bedroom. Then the flat opens into the main studio area. It's oddly large, with enormous plastic sky lights. I can look up and see into apartments next to me. Unfortunately, my neighbore can do the reverse -and they do. Late at night, I hear them pull lawn chairs onto the roof. They sit around my skylights and chatter off in hipster Icelandic.
The equipment situation inside the studio is bare. Besides a diverse collection of tables and german langauge books, there's little else. This point of the prodcution I'm dependent on research; I spend most of my day at the cafe leeching internet.
Solvi came to visit me in Akureyri. He brought gifts of liquire from his open sea adventures. We cooked dinners, told stories, and drank outside in the Icelandic evening sunshine.

Hitchhiking in Iceland can be fun. As a joke directed to drivers, I was standing in the middle of Husavik.
Inside the Green Hat, a cafe and resturant.
He's one of my favorite people in Iceland. His curiousity, insight, and personality reminds me of a famous writer from the early twnety century. Not any one in particular. I wouldn't be suprised if he became a figure in the post-post-post modern art world that we live in today.

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