Monday, August 16, 2010

Graduate School - Orientation Week

Orientation Week: A collection of speeches, workshops, and lecture hall meetings spanning August 16th to the 20th. The very first day catered specifically to the incoming graduate population.  An itinerary was given out at check-in of which attendees picked from a wide selection of of events.

Although I was born and raised in Los Angeles, I had never been to USC. The first meeting was set up in May for the newly accepted students to meet their future student body, faculty, studio, etc. I missed this date because I had been in Iceland. The freeway was packed with morning rush hour traffic, before getting lost around the exits to exposition park.

The day started off with a reception between 10am and 11am. Of course, I arrived well after this reception. I managed attend a late check-in, where I was handed all the orientation material.  Looking at the list of activities, I could see the events were most about preaching common sense than anything that I could find useful. My needs could be satisfied with a GPS system and a trip to the book store.

August Issue of the Daily Trojan
Student Newspaper: I'm working as a column artist at the USC newspaper The Daily Trojan. I spend a few hours every week illustrating visual supplements for the opinion section. Here's a link to some of my pieces: here. Assignments are generally pretty simple, with one per week. 

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