Sunday, July 11, 2010

Niceland # 23 - Menningarnótt / Culture Night

Fanny enjoying a cigarette on the dance floor.
Solvi, Fanny, and I went party-pantsing in downtown Reykjavik. We first started at a house party in the upper part of the city of Reykjavik. It resembles an industrial area with storefronts spread out on large blocks although Icelanders would consider this a neighborhood. Houses and large industrial apartments complexes stretch along the coast. The party ended around 2am, moving down to the cities center. Although the bars are located more than a mile away from the house, the Icelanders were willing to walk the sobering treck to the city center in the chilly Icelandic night.

Reykjavik nightlight is clustered in the city center on the major shopping street of Laugavegur. After midnight, these bars become flushed with a wave of drunken hopefuls looking for a spot in the already crowded bar. Smaller establishments have opened up off the main street where rent is cheaper. Baukus, Organ, and Sodoma are examples of smaller bars that have opened in the less trafficked areas

Solvi and I met up in Bakkus with some of the other party-friends. We got in right as it was getting swarmed by the hipster art-fags crowd. These guys travel in packs, where a similar outfit of extremely tight clothing, who all study, want to study, or have studied art at the local Reykjavik art university. The art-fag population are generally young, well dressed, and conservative dancers. They're usually the first to be prayed upon with unwelcome attention from older singles. As the night gets longer and the drunkenness get more and more unrestrained, the young, attractive, and less-seasoned partiers clear out around 3am and 4am. As the hipsters migrate to other bars, the dance floor gets replaced by creepy drunk singles. 

Solvi-revolver, Fanny, and I waited until 5am when Einar was to finish work. He had been working for one of the dungeon bars who close earlier than most other bars. We caught him outside sweeping up the broken glass of the night's causalities. Broken glass and other consumption related trash is common in Iceland. Icelandic city youth grow up without much stress placed on conservation and appreciation for the natural environment around them.

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