Friday, July 9, 2010

Niceland # 22 - Skriðuklaustur Culture Center

As per my residency invitation, I've been staying at the Skriðuklaustur Culture Center in the east of Iceland near Egilsstadir. It is incredibly isolated, located 50k from the nearest town, the property was built in a remote fjord. Framed by snow capped highlands and the sudden inland surge of thick fog, Iceland has a rare and haunting natural beauty. I can understand why the rural Icelanders believe in Evils and Fairies.

Writer Gunnar Gunnarsson, one of Iceland's Nobel prized writer built the property after returning from Denmark in the 1930's. His writing sold well in Europe, publishing over 40 novels, short stories, articles and translations. 

The property was donated to the Icelandic government when Gunnar moved back to Reykjavik. It was since been turned into a museum.

701 Egilsstadir
Tel.: 470-0840
Fax: 470-0849

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