Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Graduate School - Arrival in Los Angeles

I arrived in Los Angeles. Flying into LAX, my parents picked me up from the airport.  It was early August and even at night the air was warm and thick. My luggage was no where to be found.

After thirty minutes, I was the only person from my flight standing around the Alaskan Air baggage claim. Devoid of luggage, I walked over the the baggage kiosk to place a claim.  The official manning the booth explained my lost items were sitting in San Francisco awaiting a TSA inspection. They must have wanted a whole night to play with my 16mm editing equipment and plethera of ladies underwear. 

I had been living abroad for more than two years. The European Union and European Economics Agreement prevented me from living a normal life. I was forbidden from working, attending university, and even legalizing my residency due to the xenophobic legistalation plaguing the Icelandic ministries.  Trying to stear my life in the magins has been met with constant shipwreck and failure.

I was accepted into graduate school at USC and jumped at the chance to have a normal life. I had come back to Los Angeles to attend graduate school at USC.

USC wasn't my first choice. My dream school was KASK. A university in Gent, Belgium.  The process of applying to the university as a foreign student was impossible. The school is small and their non-EU student population is almost non-existent. As an American with know offical ties to Europe, the international student adviser didn't know what do do with me. My application literally fell through her fingers and no amount of emails could get her attention. KASK is one of my biggest missed opportunities. I might have to reapply when I gain EU citizenship in a hundred years.  

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