Sunday, July 10, 2011

Graduate School - Mar De Fondo

I participated in a the collaborative project Mar de Fondo. See clip above. It was a one week workshop (February 28 - March 4) based on the cyclical motion of the ocean currents. The project was a collaborative film project between Spain, Colombia, and the USA. Our US director was Juan Camilo Gonzalez of .The soundtrack was designed by Xabier Erkizia.

Image In Motion Laboratory is a space created by Arteleku, a contemporary arts centre in San Sebastian - Spain for developing and producing experimental animation. Their activities run under the premise of relating the audio-visual language to other artistic disciplines. By doing so, they have being able to develop animation pieces that expand the ideas of narrative structures into other expressive realms. One of this year's activities has being named "Mar de Fondo," a one week workshop (February 28 - March 4). The starting point is based on the cyclical motion of the ocean currents and a previously designed soundtrack by Xabier Erkizia.
The group in San Sebastian will create a series of animated cycles that will then be uploaded to an FTP site at the end of the local day. At that exact time, local morning in Bogotá, a new group of artists will spontaneously intervene and develop further the images created in Spain. Then, those new cycles will be uploaded again to the FTP for a new group in Los Angeles to continue the process of this animated "Exquisite Corpse." When the group in Spain comes back the next day, their images have being interpreted and the process starts over again until a grand cycle has being constructed at the end of the week.
In San Sebastian, the group is led by Oscar nominated artist Vuk Jevremovic and Animac International Animation Festival director and independent artist Isabel Herguera. │
In Bogotá, independent artists and professors Carlos Santa and Cecilia Traslaviña head the team. │ │
In L.A. I will be responsible for the team composed by other John C. Hench animation students and faculty. │

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