Friday, July 29, 2011

Recipe - Beet Ice cream

Beat Ice Cream Recipe
~ 5 medium sized beets (from July's CSA box, South Central Farmers)
~ 1 2/3 cups heavy cream 
~ 1 cup milk 
~ 1/2 cup plus 
~ 2 Tbsp sugar
~ pinch of salt 
~ 4 egg yolks
1. Wash these little maroon friends, cleaning off any dirt that might still remain on the roots. Once washed, remove their skins with a vegetable peeler.
2. Cut these guys into maroon cubes. Aim for around 1 inch in size.
3. Employing a juicer, obliterate the collection of cubes  until the amount of liquid beet equals one cup. Set aside the beet pulp for use later.
3.  Alternatively, if a juicer is not readily available this process can be completed with a blender. Adding only enough water for the blades to start moving, strain the blended mixture to separate the pulp.
4. In a medium sized pot, simmer the juice on a low heat until the amount of liquid has been reduced by half.
5. In another pot, lightly heat cream and milk in a large pan. When the milk is warm, add the beet pulp. Wait 30 minutes and occasionally stir.
6. Whisk the egg yokes into a large mixing bowl. In small portions at a time, ladle the pink milky pulp in with the whisked eggs and mix each time. This process carefully brings the eggs closer to the cream before they are mixed together in the pot. At this time, pour the entire yolk mixture into the cream pot and whisk once more.
7. Remove the cream from heat and strain the contents of the pot. Remove any pulp matter leaving only the liquid.
8. At this time, mix in the original beet juice and add sugar. Leave the liquid cool in the refrigerator.
 9. Once the mixture has cooled, add to a ice cream maker and wait per the manufacture's instructions.
Beet Pulp.
Beet pulp in cream.

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