Thursday, July 21, 2011

Graduate School - CSA Week 1

I've subscribed to weekly boxes from the South Central Farmers' CSA program. The acronym stands for Community Supported Agriculture; it's a program that offers subscriptions to seasonal vegetables grown from local farms. Each program is different. Generally, participants receive their vegetables at a pre-arranged drop off point or through delivery.  The Los Angeles South Central Farmers program delivers to the USC campus and offers a discount to college students.
This week was my second week in the program; This is what I got:

~ Blue Kale
~ Collard Greens
~ Cherry Tomatoes
~ Beefsteak Tomatoes
~ Purple Cherokee Heirloom Tomatoes
~ Zucchini
~ Marketmore Cucumbers
~ Opal Basil
~ Golden Patty Pan Squash
~ Parsley
~ Spaghetti Squash
~ Grapefruit

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