Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Niceland # 25 - Couch Surfing in Iceland

I was introduced to the concept of couch surfing by one of my roommates in Reykjavik. He  accepted world-traveled young artists from Europe and America. As his roommate, I was able to be a part of his foreigner parties and weekend adventures. I've found couch surfing in Iceland to be safe and easy.
My first direct couch surfing experience began when preparing to leave Akureyri for Reykjavik. I met up with two Belgium travelers through the hitchhiking website Samferda. I was looking for a lift to Reykjavik. They were traveling counter clockwise around the island. We teamed up in Akureyri, aiming to travel into the West Fjords and ending the trip Reykjavik. The trip would last a two days. We met up in the northern capital, spent our first night in the Akureyri artists studios. After pancakes, hot chocolate, and orange juice, we heading off to the northern coast line, then traveled along the coast of Iceland stopping at a few of the historical points along the ways.
The belgians had planned to meet up with a German host who would provide us with three couches. We met her in the evening due to a delay in our travels. We cooked spigetti for dinner, squished the five of us on her couch to watch Harold and Kumar 2. To my surprise, our german host loved the movie so much. We cut the movie short I was falling asleep on everyone. Unfortunately, the endless summer daylight peaked around this time, causing me to lay awake almost the entire night.
In the morning we began our trip to the West Fjords, stopping on the Reykanes peninsula, before heading back into Reykavjik. I am so happy to took this opportunity to share this experience with these two Belgian travelers. I didn't know I could bond so quickly in a small car with two people I barely new. It was fun and I would definitely do it again.

The horse leaned in to car and started eating the seat!

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