Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Graduate School - 日本語日記 / Japanese Journal

Over the weekend, I started a Japanese blog with the blogging website Hatena. The blog is titled ジョアンナの日記(ジョアンナのにっき) or Jovanna's Journal. A simple name but I'm excited to contribute to a foreign language dairy. The activity will be a way to practic the language I studied as a high school student.
My goals for this journal will be to build a big enough vocabulary to convey the subtlety of what I want to express. As a method of checking accuracy, I've enrolled in the language exchange website Lang-8. Posted entries are reviewed by natural speakers who, intern, request their work to be reviewed by the native speaker of the foreign language they are trying to learn.

The blogging service Hatena comes with an iPhone application for mobile posting. This way, I've structured the journal as a 絵日記 (えにっき) or dairy with illustrations, to update my iphone doodles on the web. As a Japanese blogging service, Hatena Diary does not force users to input a Japanese address or telephone number. I would recommend it for anyone outside of Japan who wishes to join the Japanese blogging community.


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