Saturday, December 31, 2011

This year I... (2011)

Each year seems to go by faster than the last. Similar to my This Year I... (2010), I've collected a handful of fun moments and experiences to sum up the year.
In January, I had a chance to experience the Los Angeles Art Walk with my fellow USC classmates.
In February, my work was exhibited in the Women in Animation group show.

In March, I flew back to Iceland for Spring Break.

In April, I took a day trip to wandered Catalina Island with my classmates.
In May, I worked the School of Cinematic Arts First Look Animation screening.
In June, I was given tickets to a live show at the Hollywood Bowl featuring the Yellow Magic Orchestra and Yoko Ono.
In July, I stood in front of some of my favorite Surrealist and Modern artists.
In August, I had a beach party.
In September, I participated in Japanese group animation performance, PikaPika.
In October, I took a trip to the The Museum Of Jurassic Technology

In November, I visited the Dreamworks studio for a screening of Puss in Boots.
In December, my work was exhibited in a Taiwanese/Swedish Magazine Cacao.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Graduate School - Pixilation Shoot

During finals week at USC, I worked with two graduate animators on their semester one final project. Their film utilized pixilation techniques to intertwine stop motion animation and stop frame live action. Colorful cardboard sharks swim through the Cinema Arts Complex at USC to be discovered by a frustrated artist. Here are a few images from one of the shoot days:

As a treat, the crew spend the evening in Chinatown to have dinner at a local restaurant. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Artschoolvets - Berlin, Germany

(Saatchi Online Store)
ArtSchoolVets, a German art website in Berlin, featured one of my photographs in their, "

GIFTS FOR HIM: KUNST STATT KRAWATTENseries advertising the gift of art instead of sweaters for men:

Die selbstgestrickten Mützen, Schals und Socken von der Großmutter, die Krawatte von den Eltern, der Gutschein von den Geschwistern - Dass nicht Böse das Gegenteil von Gut ist, sondern gut gemeint, wusste schon Tucholsky. So haben all diese unbegehrten Geschenke schon den ein oder anderen unter dem Weihnachtsbaum erschrocken und die Sehnsucht nach den eigenen Wunschlisten der Kindheit aufkommen lassen. Saatchi Online tritt dem nun entgegen, um auch nach dem Geschenkeauspacken die gute Stimmung zu erhalten – für die Männer als Beschenkte hat sie gemäß ihrer Galerie-Zugehörigkeit eine Liste aus Kunstdrucken und Originalen zusammengestellt, sodass preislich und stilistisch für jeden Kunstfreund etwas dabei ist.
Werdet ihr in der großen Auswahl von Saatchi Online fündig? Unsere Favoriten haben wir für euch nach dem Jump zusammengestellt. In diesem Sinne:
For the important guy in your life. Give the gift of art (we’re sure he has enough sweaters and ties and likely doesn’t need another gadget or watch).


Tor Straße. 78
10119 Berlin

David Stern

Omer Ben Michael

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Van Scaramouche - Montreal, Quebec

Van Scaramouche featured one of my photograph on their website. The website is an initiative dedicated to publishing information about new limited edition photo prints and other photography related news.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Graduate School - Christmas in Los Angeles

Southern California does not experience a true variation in seasons as do other parts of California. While the temperature in the summer can linger in the 90F/35C range, winters in Los Angeles are mild and short. With an average temperature of 50F/12C, Christmas nostalgia is limited to ornamentation. The presence of dapper snowmen and icicles descending from buildings is non existent. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Graduate School - A Cat In Paris

USC held a screening for the Cat In Paris, a French animated film. There was quite a large turn out at the screening with a large percentage from the animation department in attendance as well. The film was only an hour long.

I sat in the middle x middle of the theater. An almost perfect seat save my seat partner farting half way through the film. A resulting eight foot radius of squirming patrons resulted.
I am almost certain the characters were animated in Maya.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Graduate School - Dinner at La Barca

Out of my experience living abroad, I've learned Mexican food is only good in Southern California. Thursday night a few of my classmates went to the Mexican food restaurant La Barca on Vermont. We were celebrating the joint November birthdays of Liza and Loulou.
Today begins the last month of the year.  It's that time of year again when the student population is waist deep in semester finals. For the animators, this time of year is the climax of the semester. Our projects have reached the critical point where time spent outside the studios means time wasted. After our brief night munching on cheese, beans, and toria chips, most of us returned to the animation studios to resume our work.