Monday, April 2, 2012

Magical Theater featured at 动画那些事™

My Calarts thesis film, "The Magical Theater" was recently featured on the 动画那些事™ website. I can't describe how excited I am to read a review of the film:  动画短片《The Magical Theater》 A Tim Burton reference -awesome. I included the original text and a rough translation:
《The Magical Theater》(魔幻剧场) 是Jovanna Tosello导演的一部二维动画短片。整个短片色彩和造型都非常大胆,没有完整的故事,似乎也没有特意突出的角色,是一部充满了象征和隐喻的影片。或许是其中反复出现“鱼”的原因,想起了提姆·伯顿(Tim Burton)的《Big Fish》。
"The Magical Theater," (Magic Theatre) is the Jovanna Tosello director of a 2D animated short film. The entire video color and shape are very bold, not the full story, does not seem to specifically highlight the role is a full of symbol and metaphor of the film. Perhaps in which repeated the "fish", I think of Tim Burton (Tim Burton), "Big Fish".

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