Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Colors of Tokyo /// Day 2 - Yoyogiuehara ( 代々木上原 )

Yoyogiuehara ( 代々木上原 )
As I said earlier--I'm in Japan. (日本にいる!)

I haven't kept a travel diary since I moved back from Reykjavik, Iceland. Starting a new life from scratch, I would imagine I would have at least sometime to write everyday. In contrast to Scandinavia, living in Tokyo will be a different collection of experiences. I want this journal to serve as a narrative of my trip and chronicle   my reflections on this Tokyo rife.

I arrived in Tokyo with only one suitcase and a bag full of half eaten American candy. I purposely left a majority of my stuff in Los Angeles. I didn't want to have to drag heavy suitcases all over Tokyo in the dead of summer: a 45 minute monorail from Kaneda airport to Emotesando station, a commuter train to Shinjuku station, the confusion and size of Shinjuku station, a commuter train to Asakusa to get my apartment keys, and then yet another commuter train to Yoyogiuehara. All the while worrying about all my stuff being lost, stolen, or damaged. On the other hand, the difference in climate between Los Angeles and Tokyo rendered a lot of my belongings irreverent.

This is a video of my room. The window opens into an enclosed alley way that directly views my neighbor's bathroom. Whoopse!

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