Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Colors of Tokyo /// Day 1 - I'm in Tokyo! (日本にいる!) [日本語でブログ]

To start with, I'm in Japan. I'm working at a company in Tokyo. More like, an "internship" For me, the Japanese language is still super difficult. But, I'd like to get better, so I'll write in Japanese everyday.
CatChatは、TBSのスペシャルプロジェクトです。二人は約2ヶ月間、TBS i-campでアニメーションの制作をします。アメリカの南カリフォルニア大学から、TBSテレビにインターン生が来たよ!」
On my first day, I tried out the company cafeteria. Being a vegetarian, one can image how eating at a Japanese cafeteria would be challenging. Nevertheless, I took a stab at Japanese cuisine by trying natto for the first time. My initial reaction-- pretty nasty.

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