Saturday, June 30, 2012

日常写真 Daily Life in Japan /// Day 39 - Portraits in Shibuya

These beautiful and expressive faces belong to my housemates in Shibuya. Each of them are from different countries: France, Japan, Poland, and the United States. Each of them have unique and vibrant personalities on film. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Magical Theater at Animation Block Party!

Animation Block Party has always been one of my dream festivals and I am so excited to get a chance to show my film in New York!  My calarts thesis film has been included in the International Shorts screening! NYC! AHHH!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

日常写真 Daily Life in Japan /// Day 33 - Sensoji (浅草寺)


Loch Ness Monster and I ventured Asakusa temple Sunday afternoon to see one of the iconic image of Japan. At the temple gates of Sensoji, looms a giant red lantern.

As Nessy writes in his blog entry, we waded through the sea of visitors to the very front of the shrine. We each paid 100 yen to pull a fortune.  Nessy received the fortune called, 'the best fortune'. It professed fame and happiness! Mother fucker -I received a the so-so fortune which warned me from giving birth, looking for work, and starting new relationships!
(Image courtesy of  Loch Ness Monster)
I wonder if you have drawn a fortune from a Shinto shrine? Let me know what it was in the comments below!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

日常写真 Daily Life in Japan /// Day 32 - Imperial Palace East Gardens (皇居東御苑, Kōkyo Higashi Gyoen)

Saturday afternoon was spent roaming the Imperial Palace gardens with my intern partner Dr. Lazer Tron. We met up at Otemachi Station. A direct shot on the Chiyoda line.  The exit is a short walk from fabulous brick building that is Tokyo Station. 

The Imperial Palace serves as the residence of Japan's Imperial Family. The grounds are located in the center of Tokyo, the site of the former Edo Castle which housed the Tokugawa shogun from 1603 until 1867. The buildings were rebuilt in the same style after being destroyed in World War II. The Imperial Palace serves as the residence of Japan's Imperial Family with only sections open to the public. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Colors of Tokyo /// Day 31 - Kitanomaru Park (北の丸公園)

In the afternoon, I took my sketchbook to Kitanomaru Park (北の丸公園), south of the Imperial Palace. The location is well shaded, with lots of benches. I sat by the lake to draw patrons and the local scenery.
The park was a collection of vibrant greens. The Tokyo summer has a reputation for its brutal heat and humidly but the weather was beautiful. Within the park grounds contains The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo and the Science Museum.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Colors of Tokyo /// Day 30 - 飲み会 (Nomikai)

Unique only to the Japanese business environment, employees are moved into different departments every few years as a way of preventing stagnation within the company. It is neither a promotion or a demotion, rather a lateral move.

Although everyone within i-camp are contracted and thus autonomous to the great employee shuffle, the department heads who manage their department are not immune. To welcome the new department head, the members of i-camp threw a party or a 飲み会 (nomikai) at a local french restaurant in Akasaka.

The Japanese love speeches. Each of us were asked to give a small speech without using our native language. Lazer Lou gave his first speech in Japanese which everyone loved. The remaining TBS staff addressed the group in English.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Magical Theater on Zewebanim

In June, the french animation blog Zewebanim published a small piece about my calarts thesis film The Magical Theater. It is really fun to hear critiques of my films. I wanted to share the text clip and the English translation.
J'avais vu le film sur Cartoon Brew je l'avais trouvé vraiment intéressant, assez envoutant mais je ne l'avais pas posté. La réalisatrice m'a envoyé le lien, je l'ai revu plusieurs fois et toujours ce même sentiment de voir quelque chose de très intéressant mais de pas complétement abouti, d'être sur un chemin qui me plait mais qui s'arrête un peu vite. Il est évident que la réalisatrice Jovanna Tosello a un style, une vision qu'il va être intéressant de suivre. -
`I saw the movie on Cartoon Brew I found it really interesting, captivating enough but I had not posted. The director sent me the link, I saw him several times and always the same feeling of seeing something very interesting but not completely successful, to be on a path which I like but that stops just quickly. It is obvious that the director Jovanna Tosello has a style, a vision that will be interesting to follow.` - Zewebanim

Monday, June 18, 2012

Colors of Tokyo \\\ Day 27 - Typhoon 台風 (たいふ)

 We're entering the rainy season!

梅雨 (つゆ): Rainy Season
In Japan, the rainy season is exactly like what it sounds. A prolonged period of consecutive rain. The abundance of moisture is said to enhance the unbearable heat of summer.

For me, this was not only a new word but also a new concept. I'm excited to experience the warm, wet sauna that has yet to come. I grew up with an association between rain and cold. In Los Angeles, the winter season is mild in temperature, but it's presence is usually characterized by rain.

Typhoon 台風 (たいふ)
The interns at TBS we were let off of work early in anticipation for Typhoon Guchol(1204). This will be one of the first Typhoons to make landfall in Japan this year. Dubbed a super-typhoon by the Japanese media, wind speeds up to 90 miles per hour.

The storm was upgraded to a category 4, it hit the southern islands of Japan: Okinawa, Kyushu, and Shikoku in the afternoon before moving up. The worst of the storm was predicted to hit Tokyo between 7pm and 1am. Many trains in Tokyo were halted, leaving commuters stranded on train platforms.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Colors of Tokyo /// Day 26 - Meijijingu Shrine (明治神宮) - Part 2

LouLou and I planned to visit Menji Jingu Shrine together on the weekend. I had visited the shrine on my own earlier this month, at the start of summer. We met at the Chiyoda-sen's Meiji jingu mae station, smack in the middle of Harajuku. 

It was near dusk when we entered the grounds. Parts of the shrine had already begun to sink into shadow. The grounds open and close at sunrise and sunset and attract about 3,500,000 visitors per year. The park rangers had already begun to make closing announcements by the time we reached the shrine gates.

While it is not uncommon for displays of giant barrels of sake to line the paths of shrines, Menji Jingu has the unique addition of barrels of grape whine. This is due to Emperor Meiji's love for foreign grape whine, which had recently been introduced to Japan after it's period of seclusion had ended.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Colors of Tokyo /// Day 25 - Gundam Cafe (ガンダムカフェ)

This Saturday afternoon,  Morton Salt and I ate Gundams at the Gundam Cafe in Akihabara! Located right under the tracks of the JR line, next to Akihabara Station. I ordered a frownie latte(280¥) and a custard filed Gundam treat(200¥) ordered from a vending machine. 

With head intact!