Monday, June 4, 2012

Colors of Tokyo /// Day 13 - Meijijingu Shrine (明治神宮) - Part 1

The temperature peaked 30 Celsius making today one of the very first days of summer in Japan. I spent the afternoon walking the deeply forested paths within Meiji Jingu Shrine. Meiji Jingu is one of the most famous shrines in Tokyo, Japan. 

Built in 1920, it is located within the north eastern ground of Yoyogi Park, the mouth of the shrine opens towards the chaos and blinding neon colors of Harajuku. This juxtaposition of traditional and modern is what I later came to understand as very "Japanese". 

The ninety year old forest is artificial, containing 245 species of trees. The thick canopy of trees maintain an average temperature of 3 degree Celsius below the temperature of the Tokyo metropolitan area. 

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