Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Colors of Tokyo /// Day 14 - Welcome Party (飲み会)


The staff at TBS organized a welcome party for the new interns, Lobster and I. The guests included the graphics department, the business sector, and i-camp. At the center of the room sat a table decorated  lavishly with beautiful food. We began the event with a group toast. 

A microphone was handed out and passed around to every member of the group to make a short introduction. Lou and I too were sent onto the stage to give our own introduction. Followed by a series of questions about the most recent natural disaster in Japan, our impressions of Japanese culture, and cultural differences we have experienced. 

The party was closed with a group clap. Our welcome party Enkai turned out to be a fantastic experience. This was my first real experience with Japanese  drinking culture. The employees at TBS are terrific hosts. I can't want to attend the next event!

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