Monday, June 18, 2012

Colors of Tokyo \\\ Day 27 - Typhoon 台風 (たいふ)

 We're entering the rainy season!

梅雨 (つゆ): Rainy Season
In Japan, the rainy season is exactly like what it sounds. A prolonged period of consecutive rain. The abundance of moisture is said to enhance the unbearable heat of summer.

For me, this was not only a new word but also a new concept. I'm excited to experience the warm, wet sauna that has yet to come. I grew up with an association between rain and cold. In Los Angeles, the winter season is mild in temperature, but it's presence is usually characterized by rain.

Typhoon 台風 (たいふ)
The interns at TBS we were let off of work early in anticipation for Typhoon Guchol(1204). This will be one of the first Typhoons to make landfall in Japan this year. Dubbed a super-typhoon by the Japanese media, wind speeds up to 90 miles per hour.

The storm was upgraded to a category 4, it hit the southern islands of Japan: Okinawa, Kyushu, and Shikoku in the afternoon before moving up. The worst of the storm was predicted to hit Tokyo between 7pm and 1am. Many trains in Tokyo were halted, leaving commuters stranded on train platforms.