Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Colors of Tokoyo /// Test Tones at SuperDeluxe

Tuesday night, one of my super cool flatmates took me to an experimental music performance at a small Avant Garde venue in Roppongi called SuperDeluxe. The event was tied to a series called Test Tone, is a monthly offering irregular art, experiment music and performances. The 83rd installment included three performances: VOIMA Masatsugu Hattori U/N.a+ NOEL-KIT
The Test Tone series aims to offer a venue for diverse and challenging artists to bring their ideas to a larger community. As a free event open to the public, we hope to bypass the old economies in order to create new ones, while encouraging collaboration in all forms. A collage of media, sound and art in a space available to anyone off the street, the event is a bazaar of potential collisions, where passersby are treated to the unexpected.For all of this, we found our home base at Super Deluxe, a unique space in Tokyo's midtown, providing a relaxed atmosphere within its modular interior. The event continues to be a celebration of off-kilter creativity in the city: from installation pieces to performance art and visual collaborations; from noise, electronica, ambient sounds and free rock to disorderly jazz and manipulated field recordings. To date, close to 500 artists have been a part of the event, together creating opportunities for unexpected improvisation, collaboration, and festival spirit.

The Test Tone events are free! (I am so cheap!) Come check it out:

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