Sunday, July 1, 2012

日常写真 Daily Life in Japan /// Day 40 - 根津神社 Nezu Shrine

"I wish I were a rainbow. That would be cool."

Our internship and program director at TBS, Norico, invited Morita, Lobster Sauce, and I out for the day. We walked through some of the older districts in Tokyo, which had survived the World War II bombing and subsequent fires. Norico and Morita are each extremely knowledgeable to the history and cultural customs of Japan. Accompanying them was especially special treat for Loob and I.

One of our first stops was Nezu Shrine. Located near Tokyo University, it is saidt to cater specifically to the academic world. The weather was beautiful and warm. The sun had just begun its decent, giving the trees a gold hue. 

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