Sunday, July 8, 2012

Colors of Tokyo /// Final Sound Mix for CatChat

The staff at I-camp were called into the sound studio to mix and master the final sound. The basement studio is located on a small residential street, off the lot of TBS. The location is quite compact, a mixing booth, recording booth, small office, and waiting room.

Lou, Morita, and I had completed eight animated short films, totally 8 minutes. The sound designer had created a rough sound edit the week before. Together with the technician, we narrowed down the different sounds to create a final design. The process took almost six straight hours. 

A sound designer and a mixer work simultaneously, starting at 10 and ending around 6pm. Our 8 minute collection of animation was only one segment of the DVD. There was an entire live action section of the DVD which needed to be mastered along with our animated segment.

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