Saturday, July 21, 2012

Colors of Tokyo // Telephone Club at Koenji DOM Studio

The independent music scene in Tokyo is literally subterranean. Small bars, clubs and music venues are made out of underground student apartments. In Koenji, local artist and record producer Ian Martin of Call and Response Records hosts a series of live music shows nicknamed Telephone Club. This week's event booked Studio DOM for a nine band lineup and served as a tour opener a touring Kyushu later that month.

Zana Caroline
Satoru Ono Band (
Kyu-shoku (
Lihappiness (
Mars & Eye ( - 
Kaki (

Drummer from Jebiotto!
Zana Caroline (by Tokyo Photographer Matt Schley)

Jebiotto's power peddles.

Matt Schley is also blurry in real life.
Jordan and Takashi
Ian Martin!
Tokyo Photographer Aya Chen

Remix artist Alex (by Tokyo Photographer Matt Schley)
 Matto goofing off.

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